“Just as a caretaker tends to their garden, sculpting it into the perfect shape, a photographer seeks out the perfect composition … inspiring new ways of thinking about our relationship to our surroundings.” – Photographer in the Garden.

The Constructed Nature project explores our problematic relationship to the natural world. Employing a tightly controlled photographic studio environment and outdoors environment as the settings for my compositions, the work plays with ideas of nature, artifice and the domestic landscape.

This form of constructed nature requires control and cultivation through the use of props and studio lighting in order to represent an idealised visual form; reflecting the need for ‘caretakers’ in domestic garden landscapes to tend and shape an otherwise unruly natural environment.

In these images, I adopt the role of the caretaker, creating my own little corner of paradise, whilst the work makes the method of representation visible; bringing the mechanics of the photographic process into the image. 

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